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  Specialty Services


Our Law Firm provides a wide spectrum of legal advice and services at very different levels. However, we are best known to specialize in providing the following legal services

  • Litigation before courts in all cities and governorates of  Palestine.
  • Arbitration and dispute settlement by non-litigation means.
  • Providing legal expertise on contract writing and assessment.
  • Providing legal council for privatization efforts and strategies in Palestine in addition to providing thorough research about feasibility studies for such matters.
  • Providing legal advice for administrative and government related claim.
  • Legal council relating to corporate mergers and acquisitions in Palestine and at different International levels.
  • Providing professional legal advice concerning civil claims and cases.
  • Litigation on behalf of our clients on franchise, agency and distributorship related claims.
  • Providing professional legal services and council for banks and banking related claims
  • Studies about Securities and other Financial Instruments in the Palestinian Financial market.
  • Assessment of financial and financing plans for different Local and international projects.
  • Providing legal advice and council for project planning and development.
  • Assisting and advising developers of many local and international industrial projects.
  • Litigation on behalf of our clients in relation to employment and labour related claims.
  • Intellectual Property claims, research and registration relating to Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets and Copyrights
  • Reviewing, Assessing and writing different corporate and bank internal statutes and incorporation contracts.
  • Providing Legal services for Real Estate contracts, litigation and procedures of transfer of title of property.
  • Specialty studies and council for insurance and maritime insurance related claims, polices and business.
  • Litigation on behalf of our clients in relation to finance related cases
  • Providing legal advice and council for customs related claims.
  • Providing Legal services at all levels of Ecclesiastical and family Litigation for most communities in Palestine.
  • Providing legal services about taxation related claims and cases.
  • Restructuring of firms, incorporations and financial sectors
  • Providing thorough legal studies about different aspects of legal practice in Palestine.

in addition to many more professional services.








  About Us


Located in the City Centre of the beautiful  town of  Ramallah, The Offices  of  Nabil  Mushahwar provide  an  example of respect and excellence in Legal Services since 1974 .The firm has a well established reputation as one of the best Law Offices throughout PalestineRead on

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Advocate Nabil Mushahwar presented a lecture in the Ministry of Commerce and National Economy about the role of the Companies Registrar in Palestine and the necessity of renewing and uniting the laws governing the tasks of this department. Read on

 Recent Publications


  • The new Palestinian Laws and Factors of their Success and Failure.

  • Analysis of the Legal and Judicial Environment in Palestine.

  • Parallel Imports of Protected and Trademarked Products into the Palestinian Market from a Legal Perspective. Read on

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