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  Legal Studies Department


This department is one of the latest additions to our Law offices. With the latest equipment and legal references from Palestine, most of the Arab World and the rest of the world this department has published more that 35 different publications between researches, studies, booklets, articles and lectures.


 Of these, ones of the most important in Arabic are:

  • Legal Studies concerning the Order 677 Concerning the Compensation of Injuries Obtained in Road Accidents (West Bank And Gaza Strip).

  • Legal Studies concerning the Order 841 Concerning the Ability of the IOF officers to Withdraw Cases and Files from Civil Courts in the occupied Territories (West Bank And Gaza Strip).

  • Legal Studies concerning the Order 1210 Concerning the Amendment of the Landlords and Tenants Law.

  • The Legality of Revolution in Political Reasoning. 

  • Applicability of Clauses Related to Women in Ecclesiastical Laws.         

  • The Role of the Companies Registrar and Controller in Palestine.                                    

  • The New Palestinian Laws and the Factors of Their Success or Failure.    

  • Assessment of the Affect of the Political Situation in Palestine on the Law Enforcement and Order in the Country.

  • The importance of emphasizing the independence of the Palestinian Air and Sea Territories in any future negotiations with Israel.

  • Medical Errors in Palestinian Laws and the Necessity of Applying New Legislations to Increase Legal Protection for Patients.

  • Legal Effects of Non-Compliance with Force Majeure Clauses in Construction Contracts.

  • Assessment of the Palestinian Labour Law (Perspectives and Insights).

  • Basis of Compensation According to the New Palestinian Insurance Law.


Other Important Studies in English are:

  • Merits of Official and Partial Dollarization of Economies

  • Assessment of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

  • The Necessity of the Legislation of Antitrust Laws in Palestine. 

  • A Comparative Study between the Jordanian and Palestinian Application of Corporate Laws.

  • A Study about the Degree of Commitment of the Israeli Party in the Peace Process.

  • Duties and Obligations of Directors under English Common Law.

  • The Argentine Economic Crisis, Overview, Insights and Solutions.

  • Indirect Importation of Trademarked Products into Palestine.

  • A Comparative Study about the application of Competition laws between the Two Sides of the Atlantic: The US, EU, UK, France and Canada.

  • A Study about the new Electronic Transactions Law in Palestine and the merits of its enforcement.

  • The new articles about Electronic Signatures in Palestine and the difficulties facing their implementation.

  • Analysis of the Legal and Judicial Environment in Palestine. 

  • The Rules On The Free Movement Of Persons Within The EU, The Concept Of Citizenship.

  • A comparative study regarding Biological Patents, and other intellectual property rights.

  • Regulation of conduct on Peer to Peer Networks.

  • Legal considerations concerning Carriage of Goods by Sea.

  • Free Movement of Companies within the European Union.

  • Regulation of International Trade regarding agricultural goods.

  • WTO dispute settlement system.



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