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Representations List

The following is a list of some of our clients:


  • Akram Sbitany & Sons Company.

  • Sbitany Home Investment Company.

  • The Water Undertaking of the District of Jerusalem.

  • Al-Takaful Insurance Company.

  • The Palestinian Engineers Association.

  • Specialized Company for Medical Services.

  • MedLabs Consultancy Group.

  • The National Real Estate Company.

  • Arab Hotels Investment Group.

  • BCI Technology and Communications Company.

  • B-Cell Telecommunications and Advanced Technology Company.

  • B-Net Telecommunications and Advanced Technology Company.

  • Multi Cell Telecommunications and Advanced Technology Company.

  • Shaheen Bus Company.

  • Tamimi Bus Transport Company.

  • Jerusalem Bus Transport Company

  • Nimer for Ceramics Company.

  • Caesar Hotel Ramallah.

  • Carmel Hotel Ramallah.

  • Miami Motors Car Company.

  • TEA Technical Engineering Applications Company.

  • CoolNet Internet Service Company.

  • Creative Technology Company.

  • Tarifi Contracting and Reconstruction Company.

  • Hi Care Group Company.

  • Dominion Access Palestine Telecommunications Company.

  • The Arab Centre for Engineering Studies.

  • The Mushahwar Printing Group.

  • Midmak Construction Group.

  • Masri Construction Company.

  • YMCA Jerusalem.

  • The Hanini Investment Group.

  • Baladi Investment Company.

  • Baladi Real Estate Company.

  • New Sound Media Production Co LTD.

  • Shkokani Enterprises.

  • The Arab Real Estate Establishment.

  • The Arab Orthodox Club of Jerusalem.

  • The Arab Orthodox Club of Ramallah.

  • Hamilat Al-Teeb Orthodox Association.

  • Oxygen Gym Company.

  • Sport Line Sports Company.

  • Eiffel Sweets Company.

and many more Local and international companies, Investments and Enterprises.







  About Us

Located in the City Centre of the beautiful  town of  Ramallah, The Offices  of  Nabil  Mushahwar provide  an  example of respect and excellence in Legal Services since 1974 .The firm has a well established reputation as one of the best Law Offices throughout Palestine
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 The Latest

The Legal Studies Department in our firm issued a study about the protection of Trademarked products in Palestine from Parallel Imports. The Study included a thorough research about the
changes needed to be made on the law to apply more protection against illegal importation.Read on

 Recent Publications


  • The Importance of Emphasizing the Independence of the Palestinian Air and Sea Territories in Any Future Negotiations with Israel.

  • Duties and Obligations of Directors under the English Common Law: A Comparative Study with the Palestinian Commercial Law.

  • The Necessity of Legislation of Antitrust laws in Palestine: Insights and Propositions. Read on

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The Law Offices of

Nabil Mushahwar

Attorneys & Consultants:
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