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Located in the City Center of the beautiful  town of  Ramallah, The Offices  of  Nabil  Mushahwar provide  an  example of respect and excellence in Legal Services since 1974 .The firm has a well established reputation as one of the best Law Offices throughout PalestineRead on

 The Latest

Advocate Nabil Mushahwar presented a lecture about the merits of the new Labour Law. The lecture also included some suggestions about amendments that should be made to the law to make it more balanced between the three parties of labour in Palestine.
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 Recent Publications


  • The new articles concerning Electronic Signature in Palestine and the difficulties facing their implementation: Analysis, Insights and Propositions.

  • A comparative Study about the Jordanian new Corporate laws and the Palestinian application for such laws.

  • Assessment of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the US: Analysis and Insights. Read on

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