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Corporate Business

The law firm has helped in the creation and establishment of many local and international enterprises worldwide. Besides providing professional expertise on many legal and financial points that are necessary for most enterprisers to have successful business, the firm provides most clients upon request with thorough feasibility studies that would clear the picture of the Palestinian financial market for investors who need more explanation about different matters in the market. The firm also pursues its legal services at different governmental ministries and departments until all different issues concerning our clients in these departments have been settled. We also provide specialty services in writing and reviewing establishment contracts and internal laws for such corporations and enterprises thus protecting our clients from most legal flaws possible. In this field we also provide professional services and studies about the securities and financial instruments published by our clients and different feasibility matters related to those instruments.


Insurance Claims

Since the late eighties, the firm has proved itself as the one of the most established legal offices in the insurance sector in Palestine. Our law offices now have the legal consultancy Agency for two of the most well known insurance companies in Palestine and are looked upon as an important reference in the legal aspects of insurance business through out Palestine. One of the divisions in the firm specializes in most types of insurance claims and provides our clients with the best possible professional expertise in this area.


Banking Law

Our law firm has very well established links with numerous banks working in Palestine and abroad and has much experience in banking business.


Land Law

Our firm has established itself as one of the most well known legal offices in treatment of real estate applications. We pursue such applications from their initiation to the last stages of registration providing our clients with the swiftest procedures possible.


Labour Law

For 3 decades we have provided professional advice concerning labour law either to local or international enterprises working in Palestine or to the employees working for these companies. We have also, and at many stages, provided legal council and litigation advice for employees working in the public sector.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Law Offices have performed many of the recent merger or acquisition operations that occurred in Palestine. Our services ranged between providing legal advice for either party or pursuing the legal sides of the operation at the respective governmental agencies. We also provided most of our clients with feasibility studies concerning the future position of the merged companies. At many times we were parts of the negotiations teams that confirmed the operations.


Intellectual Property Issues

Our Law Offices provide most legal actions related to Intellectual Property issues like registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets and providing full research and claims for such applications. We have represented clients, at many times, in litigation concerning cancellation, opposition or infringement cases. We also try to protect our customers from any piracy taking place over trademarked products by providing them with the best measures to decrease the availability of unauthentic products in Palestinian markets and penal prosecution of those who introduced such products to the public.


Ecclesiastical Claims and Personal Status Issues

Our Law firm is one of the few law offices in Palestine that consider this field as one of their main fields of practice. We represent our client before most Ecclesiastical and Religious Courts found in Palestine to the last levels of litigation. We also present request for deeds of succession and other matters which are mostly confined for Religious Courts.


Media Law

Taking into consideration the introduction of many new laws concerning this matter, media law is still in the process of being shaped in Palestine. We provide our customers, that include two of the most well established media companies in the Arab World, with the most sophisticated legal protection to their products, in addition to writing, assessing, evaluating and reviewing of most of the contracts they use will practicing their business.




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Our Law Firm participated in a televised workshop about Medical Errors in Palestinian and the legal protection patients affected from such errors enjoy. The workshop discussed the necessity of legislating new laws to increase the legal protection Palestinian patients have as well.Read on

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